A Beginners Guide To Buying MIDI Controllers

Buying MIDI controllers can be a bit hard for beginners. This is because they still do not have the much-needed expertise to select an appropriate MIDI controller. Unlike professionals, beginners or first-time buyers should only rely on the basic things as their guiding factors when buying MIDI controllers. Here are five important things that a beginner needs to consider when buying a MIDI controller.

Five important things a beginner should consider when purchasing MIDI controller


A professional in the music industry may overlook playability as a factor pianoto consider when buying the best midi keyboard for musicians. However, any beginner should consider this important factor since it determines the ease of using this musical instrument. As a tip, a beginner should test different MIDI controllers to identify one that suits them best based on playability.

Number of keys

The number of keys of the MIDI controller is also another important consideration that any beginner should make when buying one. The number of keys ranges from 25 to 88. There is no definite number of keys set for beginners. However, it is important for a beginner to choose the right number of keys depending on things such as space restrictions and the kind of music to he/she will be playing.

Quality construction and durability

Since a beginner will spend much time practicing to use the MIDI controller, it is important to choose one that has quality construction and is durable. This will enable the user to use it more often without it spoiling so fast. The brand can be a good guide to quality MIDI controllers.


MIDI controllerAnother important thing that beginners should consider when buying MIDI controllers is the quality of drivers. This is an important consideration since the drivers are essential in controlling the musical instrument. One should not concentrate too much on the surface but rather look at the drivers used in making of a MIDI controller. This is because the surface can look great, but if the drivers are of poor quality, the MIDI controller loses its importance.

Go for popular brands

One of the best tips that can help beginners get the most appropriate instruments is considering the top brands. Since a beginner does not have enough knowledge on the finer details of MIDI controllers, it is better to rely on trusted brands when buying one. Some of the leading brands include Yamaha, Roland, Novation, Native Instruments, and Korg among many others. Such brands have a good reputation and they can rarely disappoint buyers.