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Simple Steps That Help Free Up Space On Your iPhone


There must be an explanation as to why the space on your iPhone never seems to be enough. Well, ichimp has some insightful tips. Your new iPhone might offer extra memory than your old version. Unfortunately, this will also fill up fast with messages, photos, apps, videos, and music. A lot of junk and duplicate files fill up the memory space too.

Once you know, there is a lot of space available, and you become reckless on how you use it. After attending night dinners or sporting activities, you end up saving selfies taken to be a reminder of the awesome time you had there. It’s not surprising when you find yourself deleting music files as you download a movie. There are several ways of freeing up space on your iPhone, and they do not involve getting of stuff you hold dear. This article details some ways in which you can make the most out of the mobile storage space within your phone.

Point out and delete some apps

22,jndkggkldjklAll this can be done from your phone settings. Just follow the gif, check out which holds the biggest amount of data and delete it. Once you buy an app, you can reinstall it later and restore your in-app purchases without any charge.

Delete conversations via text

The videos and photos sent to you by friends remain stored within the app until you delete them or the entire conversation. Go to the conversation of a family member, friend or group that has sent you the most images over the years and deleted it. You will notice an increase in the size of your internal memory.

Look for duplicate functionalities

I would be prudent to check your app list on your smartphone and identify any apps that perform duplicate roles. This is similar to deleting those games you have already completed. You lose absolutely nothing in the process.
Instead, you end up freeing space, tidying your desktop (MacBook) and removing the unnecessary clatter. This, however, does not apply to all your apps, some like weather updates are helpful when they run on multiple platforms.

Rid yourself of completed games

The chances are that completed games are stored on your iPhone. This consumes a chunk of space that is not being put to use. If you had long lost enthusiasm of playing this game, get rid of it immediately. Some games consume as much as 1GB of your storage memory. This is the fastest way to reclaim your phone space. Most games are free to download, so there is no harm in it.

Synchronize and clear your photo log

33mbvxnljlThis feature is handy for iPad owners who keep large photo libraries on their phones. Once your picture gallery fills up, and you cannot accept any other media import the photos onto your laptop and empty the roll. You will get the opportunity to start afresh and maintain the images you haven’t lost either.

Use your playlist to synchronize tracks

If you have to conserve your iPhone memory, play your music through tracklists. It’s better to use the iTunes tool to sync your best tracks and albums right from your device. You do not need to have downloaded an entire music library. The responsive playlist functions enable users to filter the tracks that appear on their phones in basic or complex ways.


Guide on buying a smart lock

Smart locks are gaining popularity in modern homes. To enhance your home security, then a smart lock is the best way to go. With a smart lock, you will be guaranteed that your home will be secure from burglars when you are away. Unlike the ordinary locks that can be altered by burglars, smart locks offer better security for your home. If you are looking for a smart lock, there are many choices available in the market. You need to find the best smart lock that will keep your home safe from intruders who are likely to access your home.

Tips on buying a smart lock

Mode of entry

The main aim of a smart lock is to restrict entry to your home. You need to make sure that only authorized people can access your home. For many smart locks, the keypad is the mode of entry. You have to enter a unique password to gain entry to the home. To enhance security, the password combination should be unique. With other smart locks, they use fingerprint recognition to give the users access to the home. When choosing a smart lock, you either choose the keypad or the biometric smart lock.


Build in alarm

A good smart lock should have an alarm to enhance the security. Burglars are also smart, and they might try to break into your home even if you have a smart lock. With an alarm fitted in the smart lock, it will make it more difficult to break into the home. The alarm goes on automatically in case anyone tries to gain force entry, and this will alert you and the neighbors or your security company.

Easy to link to the home system

If you are considering a smart lock, then you might want to make your home smart. A smart home means that are operations in your home can be done remotely without much physical activity. Some smart locks can be linked to the rest of the home systems like the surveillance cameras and monitoring.



Automation is an important feature of a smart lock although not all the smart locks are automatic. You need to look for a fully automatic smart lock that can even lock itself in case you forget to lock your day. Automation will enhance security in your home.