How to Convert PSD Files to WordPress

If you are a professional web designer, then PSD might not be a new term. Also, if you want to create a good website, it is advisable to consider choosing WordPress because it has many themes that you will use in creating your site. However, if you are new to WordPress and you want to convert your PSD files, then make sure that you consider the following steps.

Slicing Your PSD

slice your filesThis is the first step you are recommended to consider when you want to convert your PSD template to WordPress. You need to understand that the craft of transforming your files starts with cutting. This, therefore, means that you will slice your PSD and then divide it into various separate images in the sense that each component is saved as a separate file. When you are slicing your PSD files, you can use any photo editing software.

When you are slicing your components, make sure that you are careful because even a single mismatch of the pixels are likely to make your final page look messy. Also, you are required to load the best image on your web. When you are loading them, you should remember that more web images mean that your web page will be slower. Therefore, try to optimize your images.

Create Style.css and index.html

This is the next step you are required to follow when converting your PSD to WordPress. You should keep in mind that this process will not be reasonably straightforward. Once you create a static CSS and HTML template, then pick the best software such as Fireworks and Dreamweaver. The best option you need to consider is searching for the best tutorials that will guide you on how to create the static template.

Create the HTML and Javascript

create the javascriptOnce you have made the basic template that is ready, you need to port it directly to the WordPress environment. Before you rush to do this, it is advisable to know how things are done in WordPress. There are various file structures you are recommended to consider when using WordPress. But when you are uploading your files, many WordPress software and themes will make sure whether the plugins and other additional functionalities can be added without facing any incompatibility issues.

But if you find that this procedure is complicated, download many free tutorials that will walk you through these processes until the end. After that, you can add WordPress tags together with the functionalities that you will be using.