Laser scanning or more specifically 3D laser scanning is steering of laser beams followed by a measurement at every point direction. This Method is often referred as lidar or 3D object scanning. 3D scanning is used to capture the buildings and building interiors, objects and landscapes. It is also used for scanning of buildings, Mapping, surveying and in archaeology. Today laser scanning is widely accepted all over the world in architectural, industrial and transportation fields.

Benefits of Laser Scanning

Instruments used in the laser scanning has improved regarding accuracy and efficiency from generation to generation. This improvement has helped us to reduce the cost and time. The major benefits of laser scanning are listed below.

Improved Cost Containment and Budgeting on Capital Projects

The Laser scanning or 3D modeling technology based on the latest technology are more efficient and accurate than the earlier ones. They are more cost effective than the usual process which requires a long time to complete. It is also a low-cost technology to be practiced because Laser scanning needs less field fit up. The laser technology involves the less chance of error which leads to reduced field trips and thus boycotts the cost.

Coordination of Team Information

The inability of sharing the site information and lack of communication between the different project teams sited in the different geographical areas is one of the greatest obstacles when planning for an outage work. Laser scannings documentation can be easily shared among the different team member irrespective of their locations in the form of electronic files. Improved SchedulingThe project managers have to complete the maintenance or modification of plans within the planned outage time. Each unplanned interference causes a problem resulting in extended outages which can cost the plant owner thousands of dollars. Laser scanning made the documentation and information available within the outage time, which made it the most important tool for on-time completion of planned projects.

Quality Control Improvement

The necessity of rework on the upgraded and modified projects is undeniable. Laser scanning provides with the accurate documentation which reduced the errors in metal ordering, the design of equipment and piping, as-bid procurement firm specifications.

Improved Safety

asdfxghLaser scanning technology provides the increased accuracy to the existing conditions, providing less exposure to the hazards of the plant life. To get the positive outcomes from the fewer plant accidents, workers are provided with the lower liability and workers insurance rates. As laser scanning requires a few people to work, it also reduced the insurance rates.



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