Tips For Vetting IT Support Personnel

When looking for IT Support Manchester , hiring the right person can be tricky and no one wants to go through a string of bad employees before finding that perfect person. We’ve compiled a list of 3 tips for vetting your IT support personnel to make sure you hire the right person with the right skills for the job.

 Do a background check

By doing a background check you’ll be sure to spot any signs that this employee could be a problem in the future. Things like drug abuse and theft are major red flags, and you should probably avoid hiring that person if they’ve been in trouble in the past.

When doing a background check, you should make sure to do a quick check on social media, while you may find things that are character flaws but that doesn’t mean that they’ll be a poor employee. Mainly you’re looking for things like them bragging about not coming to work.

 Call their former employer

supportWhen hiring an employee you’re generally going to ask for some kind of reference. By making a call rather than sending a letter you’ll be able to gather more information. The former employer will likely give brief details but if it’s for a position in IT you can ask about general competency and skills that the prospective employee holds that might be beneficial.When you call their former employer make sure you’ve made a list of open questions.

You want to extract as much information as possible from them and it’s easier to do when you ask questions that get them talking. Asking yes or no questions will only get you a “yes” or a “no.”

 Check their credentials and freelance work

If applicable it’s a good idea to check their credentials. Call the college and see if they did graduate and if possible find out their class ranking. It’s a good idea to also check any freelance work that they’ve done and look for reviews on sites like Upwork and Freelancer.

You’ll get a lot of information about their work ethic by their freelance client reviews. The prospective employee is in IT and chances are they’re going to have a LinkedIn profile and a personal website. Check both of these out carefully. Check out the links on their personal website and see if the information matches the resume. Sometimes they’ll pad the resume to get the job so double checking can’t hurt.

jobThese three tips are sure to help you find the right person to fill the job. When you’re talking about hiring someone in IT a full and thorough vetting is absolutely crucial and taking the time to do it right can pay off big time.