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Helpful Tips To Enhance Your Online Security

The Internet and cybercrime have been on the rise with the invention of the internet and digital gadgets. Many people have fallen prey to these online scams and have lost a lot of fortune in the process. The internet has brought a lot good and bad in equal measures in the sense that it has effectively connected the world and enhances ease of many transactions across the world. On the other hand, it has subjected many people to online fraud and scams making people lose a lot of properties and fortune.

Online Safety

Ensure you Install a Firewall

firewall security pageA firewall is an effective software tool that that protects against any possible cyber attack or fraud that might be directed towards your-your computer or online business. This firewall will notify every user who has installed it of any breach of online security to alert you of any impending danger to your servers or computer. Many operating systems come with the firewall, but they are not fully trusted as they may be outdated or not installed properly.

Don’t Use More Than Obvious Passwords

A password is a very important protective tool to your accounts as it is distinctive to only you. It important therefore to use a password that is hard for somebody to guess, keeping your account safe. Using passwords like your date of birth, your last name, your pet name or your favorite meal makes it vulnerable for fraudsters to crack and invade your privacy. Use a combination of letters, numbers, zodiac signs and others that will be more than impossible to guess.

Update All Security Software

Most software are more prone to online fraud because they are susceptive to high-grade technology, therefore, making them an attack spot for online fraudsters. Updating all software and operating is the best defense mechanism against any malware and other online threats.

Avoid Unknown WI-FI Operators

hackedIt is always advisable to limit the number of WI-FI connections you use in your computers or smartphones as they may be a channel for easy transfer of harmful malware and viruses that might be of great danger to your computer and other online gadgets.

Control Web Cookies While Browsing

Always be aware of the type of web cookies you enable on your browser as most of them carry the harmful virus that will pose a threat to your online security. Be sure to accept only cookies from known and reputable sources for online safety.