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General Information about Studio Monitor Speakers

Whether you are doing a small time recording for voice and guitar or you are doing it for a big music deal, you will need good studio monitor speakers. Such a monitor will make sure that you clearly hear what you have recorded. But before you get into the phase of buying the best budget studio monitors speakers, you must be asking a few questions. For all general information about studio monitor speakers, here is the resource for you;

Studio Monitor Speakers

What is in a good monitor speaker?operator

The first time you hear a voice recorded on studio monitor speaker, it will sound all wrong. But this is because you are only accustomed to stereo speakers meant for general consumer use. So as you look for the best set, you must be ready to hear something different.

Frequency range

What you are looking for is accuracy from your studio speakers. Therefore, you should go for full frequency range for the kind of music you will be recording. For good music recording speakers, a frequency range between 50Hz and 20 kHz is an excellent choice. However, the range is not so much critical as long as you will get what you want from the speakers you will buy.

Total Harmonic Distribution (THD): what is and why do you need it?

This spec is important for the general quality of the audio you will be recording. It lets you know how clean the sound you feed into the monitor can get. A good recording studio should have zero level of distortion. On the other hand, a poorly designed recording studio will have distortion in the region of 0.3-1%.

Field design considerations

As you search for information about the best studio monitor speakers, you will across things like far, medium and near. What this refers to is the listening field range configurations the speakers are designed for. The near-field configurations are designed for listening music at close range. The far-field is designed for music to be listened over a long distance. For good recording, near field is the best range since it allows you to listen to the recorded voice directly from the speakers.

Components for your monitor speakers


Commonly there are two types monitor drivers: tweeters and woofers. The woofer handles low, mid low and medium frequencies while tweeters are for high and medium high frequencies.


This is the part that surrounds the drivers. The cabinets should be non-resonant to ensure the quality of sound recorded.


studio monitor speakerYou should be concerned about the connection you have in your monitor speaker and make sure it will work.

Hopefully, this general information about studio monitor speakers has been helpful to you. It should make your decision easy as you get the best studio monitors. Features and specs are what make a good studio speaker. Do not focus on things like bass boost, what you should be concerned is the assurance of quality sound in a studio environment.