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Biggest Advantages of Cloud Backup

Recent studies show that data protection continues to be one of the main challenges of small-medium sized businesses. It is estimated that over 50% of SMBs prefer to back up their data using direct-attached storage. Also, more than half of these businesses do not have plans to migrate to cloud backup. The truth is that data is regarded as a valuable asset by an organization. About 40% of businesses lose data and are unable to restore it.


As you know, small businesses do not have unlimited IT budgets. It is vital to use a solution that makes sense and does not require your customers to incur capital expenditure. For as low as a hundred dollars a year, you can have all your business data backed up to the cloud.

Easy Access

cloud computingThe good thing about having data in the cloud is that you and your customers can access it anywhere and anytime. You only need to have access to the internet, through a smartphone app or computer, you can access all the files. Also, you do not have to travel around with your laptop or going to the office to check a certain important document.


It is vital to have a copy of your documents offsite. Even if business files are backed up on a file server, a floor, fire, theft, or hurricane can destroy your computers, including backups. Keeping your backed up files in the cloud means that no matter what happens in your office, you will have access to your files.


The truth is that cloud backup solutions have made ongoing restoration and management easy. In fact, with a few clicks, backed up files can be found easily and restored.


Time is one of the reasons businesses are not backing up their data. You should note that cloud backup does not need extra time commitment for you and the customer. Your computer files are backed up continuously and automatically to the cloud whenever you are connected.

The truth is that cloud computing has changed the data backup industry. As a result of its affordable price, both small and medium-sized businesses can have an offsite solution that backs up all their data. Ideally, the solution is simple and available anywhere and anytime. Cloud computing is bound to change the way businesses operate and serve their customers.

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How to Get the Best Recruitment Management System for Your Business

Digitalization and automation are the two characteristics of modern business. You may think that only the manufacturing division feels the direct impact of such technological development, but the truth is that even the HR (Human Resources) department can’t escape it. Recruiting new employees surely requires a great deal of person-to-person interaction, but automation on the end-to-end recruitment, job orders, and placement can speed up the whole process more than 50% than if it was all done manually. 


The System Must Reflect Your Company

When it comes to ready-to-use systems, customizability is often an issue. It is better to utilize a software that costs extra, but it has the desired customizability. Therefore, if there is a trial period offered by the system provider, take it. You should test how the system runs in the real world and see if it can be configured to match your company’s style. 

Evaluate the Contracts with the System’s Vendor

You want a recruitment system that works in the long run. Hence, you should take a look carefully at how the vendor offers its services. For instance, ask questions such as these:

  1. What kind of compensation if a malfunction happens and your company can’t operate for a whole day or even several days?
  2. Does the vendor have any clients that share the same business expertise as yours? If they do, what are their testimonies?
  3. Does maintaining a long-time partnership grant you access to exclusive benefits?

Try to answer them objectively before you invest in a recruitment system. 

Choose a System with Optimal Mobility

mobile monitoringWhen the HR works are tied to the desk, the whole management process won’t be as efficient as if it were accessible via mobile gadgets, such as smartphones or tablets.

Even though the system may not offer full features when it is on mobile mode, at least it can allow you to access the applicant tracking system and edit the data there. Review notes, placement, and performance stats are also supposed to be on the mobile version. 

Seamless Compatibility Is a Must

HR’s data must be accessible to other departments. But not all recruitment systems can be compatible with the rest. An ideal recruitment system must be simple enough to operate and integrate with others so that the chances of errors can be minimized as much as possible. The main subjects here are the candidates, managers, and recruiters. If there is any feedback from them, you should take it seriously. 

Ensure That the Analytics Functionalities Are Sufficient

company statsWhat makes an automated system different from manual methods is their capacity to analyze and organize given orders with maximum time efficiency and accuracy.

You have to evaluate if the system can provide you with essential recruitment data like time to hire/time to fill, sourcing effectiveness, depth of the candidates’ talent, and their portfolios. 

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What Everyone Should Consider When Buying a Security Network Device

Online security is of concern to people who regularly surf the internet. But the sad news is that most of them do not take responsibility and contact Sonicwall Sales for firewall enquiries so that they can find the best network security device that can help solve these online issues. After a while of browsing and sharing information online, some get a rude awakening when they discover that their devices have been infected and compromised. For those who have already experienced a malware or virus infection on their devices, they already know how serious the infection can get.
Those who have not experienced these online attacks, you should always remember that prevention is always better than cure, and you do not have to wait until your network system is compromised to start looking for the solution. With these increased threats, companies have come up with security devices that can prevent your devices from any form of online attack especially if you are always connected to public networks. And written here is a guide for purchasing the best.


internet deviceJust like buying your favorite gadget, choosing the right brand when buying a network security device is mandatory. Note that people have already used and are using these devices on a regular basis. And the good news is that these people rate the devices they use for safety will surfing the web pages. Therefore, if you do not know the right brand to buy, then you should start by reading reviews and understanding different brands.


Brands have different models, and these models determine the number of people who can connect and use the network at a go. Some models allow more people to connect and are recommended for companies and larger institutions while others can handle few connections and are recommended for homes and smaller business. Therefore, you should take note of this when making inquiries.


internet securityThe first and most important thing to consider when buying a network security device is the brand and the model. However, you should not forget that you are also supposed also to consider the price. If you have shopped online before, then you already know that a device of a particular model and from the same brand can cost differently on different online stores. Therefore, you should be wise and compare the prices before making a purchase.

Warranty and Shipping

The other thing you should consider is the warrant. Quality products have a warrant that covers a specified duration. And if you are purchasing your security device from an online store, you should remember to ask about their shipping methods.

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What to Look for in a Visitor Management Software

When it comes to acquiring a visitor management software for your company, you can go many different ways. The important thing is to find one that has office sign-in solutions features. While there’s no question there are many companies around that make great kiosk software, you’ll nonetheless need to make sure to research your options to ensure the type you go with will be well suited for your business.

Good visitor management software

Getting opinions from trusted individualsmouse

Speak with people you know in the business world with regards to recommendations that they may have about kiosk software. As you’re talking to them, jot down the names of the different sources they talk about. Then you can go and investigate the companies individually once you have a good list of different sources compiled.

Check out their websites

From pricing and installation options to different package information, you can typically find a good amount of information on each software program which has been recommended to you on a website. Think about how each of these options would work for your business as you are reviewing this information and as you identify those that wouldn’t be ideally suited to the job you need it to perform, cross them off your list. After you’ve done this, you can go a little further in your research.

Look at online reviews

An excellent way to dig deeper on your selections for visitor management software is to take a look at online reviews that have been posted for each of the companies you’re considering going with. For example, if you have an associate in the business world who has strongly suggested a particular type of software, you may assume that you can continue without doing any further research.

However, if you dig degiving IDeper and see that many of the online reviews you’re able to find aren’t as enthusiastic, this can help you make more of a well-informed decision. You should have as much information as possible leading up to making your final decision, so it’s always a smart idea to read as many online reviews as you can.

Making a poor decision can set you back in lots of ways so finding the best option for visitor management software is a decision you don’t want to rush into. Luckily, there are numerous mediums you can use to research your options before you make a decision.

Don’t take this decision lightly since the software that you choose to go with will ideally be used in your company for many years to come. It is critical that you understand what the various software packages do and the reputations of the companies behind them. Kind of software that will be perfect for your situation as long as you do ample research and get information from as many sources as possible.

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Factors to consider when choosing a file hoster

The world is now in the information age, and many people are looking for ways to store their files safely. There are many reasons why people and companies are looking for online to save their valuable information on secure servers than storing the data in their computers. The first reason why people will like to store their files with a file hosting company is security and accessibility. Computers can crash, or maybe get attacked by viruses that clean off vital records which may not be easy to recover. With a right file hosting company you do not have to worry about computer crashes and loss of your information. And when a hosting company stores your files, you have the advantage of accessing your data and sharing with your partners at any time and from any place in the world. But before you start storing your information with a file hosting company here are some information you should know about the company you select.

Data protection

file hosting

The fast thing you should be guaranteed by a file hosting company is security. You need to know that your information cannot be accessed by unauthorized people. World class companies invest a lot in security to make sure their client information is secure and cannot be stolen by hackers or competing businesses. Safety especially for sensitive information is necessary and should be assured by a file hosting company.

Storage space

Companies and governments have large files that need to be kept safe. You should know the amount of space you require for your data. Most companies will give a lot of storage space and can always add you more if you request them. The vast amount of storage space offered by this companies gives you the luxury of not having to buy more storage disks for your computers.


file hosting 2A file hosting company needs to assure you of fast upload and download of your information. Most have powerful servers with high-speed internet connections. However, you should make sure your local internet provider has the kind of speed you need. When you sign up with a top company the limitation of your upload and download speed is limited by your local internet connection.



When you have your information safely stored, you need to know that you can access the data at any given time. You should choose a company that can guarantee easy access to your information. You should also inquire from the company about the type of gadgets you can use to access your information.

smart hosting

Tips for finding a file hosting company

The world is now digital. There is more information and more individual and company files that need to be kept safe. Long gone are the days when companies used to hold large files in their lockers for references. At the beginning of computer age, people and organizations used to keep their data on their computers. Saving files in your computer, however, has its limitations. Computers have less storage space, and you always need to carry them with you to access your data. But now you can forget all that and seek the services of a file hoster company. With a file hosting company you can store your files online and access them from anywhere in the world. But before you choose a hosting company here are some tips you should consider.

Data protection

When storing your sensitive information online, your security has to be guaranteed. So whwiresen picking a file hosting company make sure that the company has necessary measures in place to ensure safety to your information. Some companies have had their sensitive information stolen by hackers and sold on black market. Therefore data protection should be your top priority.

Storage space

The reason why most companies need file hosting is to have access to more storage space for their records. Different companies offer different amount of storage space. However, if you need more, you can always request your hosting company to allocate you more storage space. More storage space might come at an extra cost.

Software used

The software’s used by a file hosting company should be user-friendly. When you find a file hosting company take a look at the software they use and be sure that you can use them. However, most file hosting companies have simple and easy to use platforms.

Accessibility to your information

cloudYou need to have a file hosting company that has no downtime. This means you should be able to access your files when you need them and from anywhere. Choose an established company with powerful servers that are always available to make access to your data easy. The company should also make it easy for you to access your files from different gadgets.




It essential that you call your file hoster customer service and inquire about the cost of having them store your files. Most companies charge depending on the amount of storage space you need. Therefore be precise about the amount of storage space you need.


Simple Steps That Help Free Up Space On Your iPhone


There must be an explanation as to why the space on your iPhone never seems to be enough. Your new iPhone might offer extra memory than your old version. Unfortunately, this will also fill up fast with messages, photos, apps, videos, and music. A lot of junk and duplicate files fill up the memory space too.

Once you know, there is a lot of space available, and you become reckless on how you use it. After attending night dinners or sporting activities, you end up saving selfies taken to be a reminder of the awesome time you had there. It’s not surprising when you find yourself deleting music files as you download a movie. There are several ways of freeing up space on your iPhone, and they do not involve getting of stuff you hold dear. This article details some ways in which you can make the most out of the mobile storage space within your phone.

Point out and delete some apps

phoneAll this can be done from your phone settings. Just follow the gif, check out which holds the biggest amount of data and delete it. Once you buy an app, you can reinstall it later and restore your in-app purchases without any charge.

Delete conversations via text

The videos and photos sent to you by friends remain stored within the app until you delete them or the entire conversation. Go to the conversation of a family member, friend or group that has sent you the most images over the years and deleted it. You will notice an increase in the size of your internal memory.

Look for duplicate functionalities

I would be prudent to check your app list on your smartphone and identify any apps that perform duplicate roles. This is similar to deleting those games you have already completed. You lose absolutely nothing in the process.
Instead, you end up freeing space, tidying your desktop (MacBook) and removing the unnecessary clatter. This, however, does not apply to all your apps, some like weather updates are helpful when they run on multiple platforms.

Rid yourself of completed games

The chances are that completed games are stored on your iPhone. This consumes a chunk of space that is not being put to use. If you had long lost enthusiasm of playing this game, get rid of it immediately. Some games consume as much as 1GB of your storage memory. This is the fastest way to reclaim your phone space. Most games are free to download, so there is no harm in it.

Synchronize and clear your photo log

woman using phoneThis feature is handy for iPad owners who keep large photo libraries on their phones. Once your picture gallery fills up, and you cannot accept any other media import the photos onto your laptop and empty the roll. You will get the opportunity to start afresh and maintain the images you haven’t lost either.

Use your playlist to synchronize tracks

If you have to conserve your iPhone memory, play your music through tracklists. It’s better to use the iTunes tool to sync your best tracks and albums right from your device. You do not need to have downloaded an entire music library. The responsive playlist functions enable users to filter the tracks that appear on their phones in basic or complex ways.

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General Information about Studio Monitor Speakers

Whether you are doing a small time recording for voice and guitar or you are doing it for a big music deal, you will need good studio monitor speakers. Such a monitor will make sure that you clearly hear what you have recorded. But before you get into the phase of buying the best budget studio monitors speakers, you must be asking a few questions. For all general information about studio monitor speakers, here is the resource for you;

Studio Monitor Speakers

What is in a good monitor speaker?operator

The first time you hear a voice recorded on studio monitor speaker, it will sound all wrong. But this is because you are only accustomed to stereo speakers meant for general consumer use. So as you look for the best set, you must be ready to hear something different.

Frequency range

What you are looking for is accuracy from your studio speakers. Therefore, you should go for full frequency range for the kind of music you will be recording. For good music recording speakers, a frequency range between 50Hz and 20 kHz is an excellent choice. However, the range is not so much critical as long as you will get what you want from the speakers you will buy.

Total Harmonic Distribution (THD): what is and why do you need it?

This spec is important for the general quality of the audio you will be recording. It lets you know how clean the sound you feed into the monitor can get. A good recording studio should have zero level of distortion. On the other hand, a poorly designed recording studio will have distortion in the region of 0.3-1%.

Field design considerations

As you search for information about the best studio monitor speakers, you will across things like far, medium and near. What this refers to is the listening field range configurations the speakers are designed for. The near-field configurations are designed for listening music at close range. The far-field is designed for music to be listened over a long distance. For good recording, near field is the best range since it allows you to listen to the recorded voice directly from the speakers.

Components for your monitor speakers


Commonly there are two types monitor drivers: tweeters and woofers. The woofer handles low, mid low and medium frequencies while tweeters are for high and medium high frequencies.


This is the part that surrounds the drivers. The cabinets should be non-resonant to ensure the quality of sound recorded.


studio monitor speakerYou should be concerned about the connection you have in your monitor speaker and make sure it will work.

Hopefully, this general information about studio monitor speakers has been helpful to you. It should make your decision easy as you get the best studio monitors. Features and specs are what make a good studio speaker. Do not focus on things like bass boost, what you should be concerned is the assurance of quality sound in a studio environment.

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Features Of The Best Gaming Chair

It is advisable for a person to pay to invest in a chair which is comfortable to support him or her during the long gaming sessions not only focusing on his money, time and attention on hardware and latest titles. The gaming chairs available in the market are affordable and are advantageous to use. The models available have the following features; proper back support, height adjustment options, and designs are enviable that brings color to individual gaming space. You can read more about the best gaming chair by reading this write-up. The following are the best gaming chairs in the market which have different features;


Noblechairs Epic Real Leather

Noblechairs Noblechair epic real leather is considered the king of gaming chairs. It is because of its name and is made of leather. This kind of gaming chair is preferred for no-comprising gaming throne that feels, looks and even smells expensive. It has got cross thatched embroidery adorning the lower back position to the red logo on the seat. The beautiful details on the gaming chair attract potential customers walking past outside the area of business and also an individual may drag friends or relatives to his or her home just to show it off.

Vertagear Racing Series S-Line

The design of Vertagear racing series usually stands out. Finding the screw hole within the back of the chair during its setup is a challenge. Once this type of gaming chair is set up, an individual can sit for long hours comfortably since it feels sturdy and well made. The gaming chair is cleaned on a regular basis it is magnetic of dirt of it being white in color. The SL4000 is the best option to consider to pay the price for a sleek white chair by an individual.

Noble chairs Epic

Noblechairs For a classier gamer, the epic gaming chair from the Noble chairs is the best option to consider. A faux covering is featured and is inspired by seats of a car combining both the comfort and a high-end look. The existence of its useful feature, its make it as one of the best gaming chairs money can purchase. The black design makes it more elegant than some types which are brightly colored option available in the market. It is hundred percent vegan-friendly because of its leather design, and any individual can purchase it.

Nitro concepts C80 pure series

The Nitro concept C80 classic series chair can easily double up as a gaming chair as well as an office chair. It has got some decent designs which flourish which make some individuals think its price is not pocket-friendly.

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Top 5 Best Tips When Choosing A VPN

You need to safeguard your personal as well as business information from security threats on the web and, therefore, it is extremely vital to pick the most effective VPN service. The top vpn ratings helps the customers in choosing the best VPN. In fact, there are quite a few options to choose from, and in the following paragraphs, we will provide you with the best tips when choosing a VPN.

Best tips

1. Number of concurrent connections

man with glassesAt present, we regularly access the internet from our personal computer, mobile phone, and tablet, and therefore it is becoming increasingly important that multiple devices can be connected simultaneously. Consequently, you must select a VPN service which will allow a number of connections at the same time.

2. Bandwidth

It is essential for the majority of the internet users that their experience of web-browsing does not suffer in any way. As compared to a normal internet connection the path which data requires to travel is often much longer with a VPN. This is exactly when the connection speed becomes very important. If you are not sure whether your ISP will be able to offer such speed for your normal Internet connection, avoid spending more for huge bandwidths such as 30 Mbps. Also, make it a point to know whether the VPN service restricts the bandwidth for specific activities such as P2P file-sharing.

3. Compatibility

Another essential aspect to consider when looking for a VPN service is compatibility. You should always check whether you are accepting any offer which is compatible with your gadget. While buying VPN online, most of the individuals opt for the least expensive service and then realize that the plan is going to work only on the old computers.

4. Check the server selections

The preliminary thing which you ought to do is to verify the server selections. Your main intention for selecting a VPN service is to obtain a secure connection to safeguard your network from the hackers. Therefore you must locate a VPN provider which has servers in the areas where your sites are being hosted.

5. Search for servers which are P2P optimized

apple and laptopWe all know that that the distance from the server influences the connection. In theory, you’ll have a very fast connection if you are close to the server. However, it is not usually the case with the download speed. Several VPN services optimize some servers for P2P which enjoy faster download speeds. Some servers are optimized for the torrents, and you will always get fantastic download speeds irrespective of your distance from the server. Some providers also optimize their servers for P2P in countries like Sweden, Canada, and Mexico which are actually torrent friendly.