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Factors to consider when choosing a file hoster

The world is now in the information age, and many people are looking for ways to store their files safely. There are many reasons why people and companies are looking for online to save their valuable information on secure servers than storing the data in their computers. The first reason why people will like to store their files with a file hosting company is security and accessibility. Computers can crash, or maybe get attacked by viruses that clean off vital records which may not be easy to recover. With a right file hosting company you do not have to worry about computer crashes and loss of your information. And when a hosting company stores your files, you have the advantage of accessing your data and sharing with your partners at any time and from any place in the world. But before you start storing your information with a file hosting company here are some information you should know about the company you select.

Data protection

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The fast thing you should be guaranteed by a file hosting company is security. You need to know that your information cannot be accessed by unauthorized people. World class companies invest a lot in security to make sure their client information is secure and cannot be stolen by hackers or competing businesses. Safety especially for sensitive information is necessary and should be assured by a file hosting company.

Storage space

Companies and governments have large files that need to be kept safe. You should know the amount of space you require for your data. Most companies will give a lot of storage space and can always add you more if you request them. The vast amount of storage space offered by this companies gives you the luxury of not having to buy more storage disks for your computers.


file hosting 2A file hosting company needs to assure you of fast upload and download of your information. Most have powerful servers with high-speed internet connections. However, you should make sure your local internet provider has the kind of speed you need. When you sign up with a top company the limitation of your upload and download speed is limited by your local internet connection.



When you have your information safely stored, you need to know that you can access the data at any given time. You should choose a company that can guarantee easy access to your information. You should also inquire from the company about the type of gadgets you can use to access your information.


Simple Steps That Help Free Up Space On Your iPhone


There must be an explanation as to why the space on your iPhone never seems to be enough. Your new iPhone might offer extra memory than your old version. Unfortunately, this will also fill up fast with messages, photos, apps, videos, and music. A lot of junk and duplicate files fill up the memory space too.

Once you know, there is a lot of space available, and you become reckless on how you use it. After attending night dinners or sporting activities, you end up saving selfies taken to be a reminder of the awesome time you had there. It’s not surprising when you find yourself deleting music files as you download a movie. There are several ways of freeing up space on your iPhone, and they do not involve getting of stuff you hold dear. This article details some ways in which you can make the most out of the mobile storage space within your phone.

Point out and delete some apps

phoneAll this can be done from your phone settings. Just follow the gif, check out which holds the biggest amount of data and delete it. Once you buy an app, you can reinstall it later and restore your in-app purchases without any charge.

Delete conversations via text

The videos and photos sent to you by friends remain stored within the app until you delete them or the entire conversation. Go to the conversation of a family member, friend or group that has sent you the most images over the years and deleted it. You will notice an increase in the size of your internal memory.

Look for duplicate functionalities

I would be prudent to check your app list on your smartphone and identify any apps that perform duplicate roles. This is similar to deleting those games you have already completed. You lose absolutely nothing in the process.
Instead, you end up freeing space, tidying your desktop (MacBook) and removing the unnecessary clatter. This, however, does not apply to all your apps, some like weather updates are helpful when they run on multiple platforms.

Rid yourself of completed games

The chances are that completed games are stored on your iPhone. This consumes a chunk of space that is not being put to use. If you had long lost enthusiasm of playing this game, get rid of it immediately. Some games consume as much as 1GB of your storage memory. This is the fastest way to reclaim your phone space. Most games are free to download, so there is no harm in it.

Synchronize and clear your photo log

woman using phoneThis feature is handy for iPad owners who keep large photo libraries on their phones. Once your picture gallery fills up, and you cannot accept any other media import the photos onto your laptop and empty the roll. You will get the opportunity to start afresh and maintain the images you haven’t lost either.

Use your playlist to synchronize tracks

If you have to conserve your iPhone memory, play your music through tracklists. It’s better to use the iTunes tool to sync your best tracks and albums right from your device. You do not need to have downloaded an entire music library. The responsive playlist functions enable users to filter the tracks that appear on their phones in basic or complex ways.