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Biggest Advantages of Cloud Backup

Recent studies show that data protection continues to be one of the main challenges of small-medium sized businesses. It is estimated that over 50% of SMBs prefer to back up their data using direct-attached storage. Also, more than half of these businesses do not have plans to migrate to cloud backup. The truth is that data is regarded as a valuable asset by an organization. About 40% of businesses lose data and are unable to restore it.


As you know, small businesses do not have unlimited IT budgets. It is vital to use a solution that makes sense and does not require your customers to incur capital expenditure. For as low as a hundred dollars a year, you can have all your business data backed up to the cloud.

Easy Access

cloud computingThe good thing about having data in the cloud is that you and your customers can access it anywhere and anytime. You only need to have access to the internet, through a smartphone app or computer, you can access all the files. Also, you do not have to travel around with your laptop or going to the office to check a certain important document.


It is vital to have a copy of your documents offsite. Even if business files are backed up on a file server, a floor, fire, theft, or hurricane can destroy your computers, including backups. Keeping your backed up files in the cloud means that no matter what happens in your office, you will have access to your files.


The truth is that cloud backup solutions have made ongoing restoration and management easy. In fact, with a few clicks, backed up files can be found easily and restored.


Time is one of the reasons businesses are not backing up their data. You should note that cloud backup does not need extra time commitment for you and the customer. Your computer files are backed up continuously and automatically to the cloud whenever you are connected.

The truth is that cloud computing has changed the data backup industry. As a result of its affordable price, both small and medium-sized businesses can have an offsite solution that backs up all their data. Ideally, the solution is simple and available anywhere and anytime. Cloud computing is bound to change the way businesses operate and serve their customers.

cloud computing

How to Choose the Best Cloud Backup Service

Losing data can be frustrating. However, if you have a reliable data storage solution, you’ll be stress-free. Network-attached storage (NAS) is an advanced form of cloud-based data storage that ensures your data is backed up immediately. Your devices are connected to the internet, thus enabling real-time data backup. Every business that values their data must invest in reliable data backup solutions. NAS provides you with a safe and trustworthy data storage option. However, keep in mind that not every service provider you come across is worth hiring. For this reason, doing your homework is a must when looking for such a service provider. Consider the following points when choosing cloud backup data solutions.


If you deal with sensitive data, you must make sure your data backup solution is safe. For example, how does the service provider encrypt the data? Do they use two-factor authentication to keep off unauthorized access to the systems? In addition, do they have physical security at their data center? These are some of the important questions the service provider needs to answer before you subscribe to their services. For example, some data centers have biometric access points to ensure only authorized persons have access to their premises.


The range of services offered by cloud back up service providers varies. For example, you may find a company offering different cloud back up technologies to cater for both basic and advanced cloud data storage solutions. When choosing your ideal cloud data solution, you need to locate a service provider who offers both basic and advanced options.


Look for competent and reliable service providers such as Data Deposit Box. If you want a service provider who will assist you in full recovery of your data, then you must pick a company that specializes in all forms of cloud data solutions; from Cloud failover, to file and folder recovery. This process may not be available with all service providers; thus, the need to vet your cloud back up data backup service provider.


An ideal cloud data backup solution should be readily available when you need to access your data. Data centers are grouped into tiers; from tier 1 to tier 4. Tier 1 is the lowest, while tire 4 offers the highest level of availability besides fair pricing. Tier 4 mainly offers fault-tolerant and redundant components.

Choosing your data cloud back up provider can be challenging, but the process becomes effortless if you know what you want and the options available in the market.