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Biggest Advantages of Cloud Backup

Recent studies show that data protection continues to be one of the main challenges of small-medium sized businesses. It is estimated that over 50% of SMBs prefer to back up their data using direct-attached storage. Also, more than half of these businesses do not have plans to migrate to cloud backup. The truth is that data is regarded as a valuable asset by an organization. About 40% of businesses lose data and are unable to restore it.


As you know, small businesses do not have unlimited IT budgets. It is vital to use a solution that makes sense and does not require your customers to incur capital expenditure. For as low as a hundred dollars a year, you can have all your business data backed up to the cloud.

Easy Access

cloud computingThe good thing about having data in the cloud is that you and your customers can access it anywhere and anytime. You only need to have access to the internet, through a smartphone app or computer, you can access all the files. Also, you do not have to travel around with your laptop or going to the office to check a certain important document.


It is vital to have a copy of your documents offsite. Even if business files are backed up on a file server, a floor, fire, theft, or hurricane can destroy your computers, including backups. Keeping your backed up files in the cloud means that no matter what happens in your office, you will have access to your files.


The truth is that cloud backup solutions have made ongoing restoration and management easy. In fact, with a few clicks, backed up files can be found easily and restored.


Time is one of the reasons businesses are not backing up their data. You should note that cloud backup does not need extra time commitment for you and the customer. Your computer files are backed up continuously and automatically to the cloud whenever you are connected.

The truth is that cloud computing has changed the data backup industry. As a result of its affordable price, both small and medium-sized businesses can have an offsite solution that backs up all their data. Ideally, the solution is simple and available anywhere and anytime. Cloud computing is bound to change the way businesses operate and serve their customers.


The Direct Effects of Customer Relationship Management on Small Businesses

CRM or Customer Relationship Management is a platform used by companies to store and analyze customer information and interactions with the goal of improving customer satisfaction that can ultimately increase sales.

Personalizing interactions with customers is one of the basic approaches of CRM. It makes the customer informed and updated on your business. Keeping data on customer profiles can give companies the benefit of interacting with their customers in a more personalized manner. This will make customers feel important, which can result in a loyal clientele which can increase sales in the long run.

CRM does not suit big companies only, but it can be used by small businesses also to catapult growth. Here are some benefits in key result areas that show that customer relationship management can do wonders to small businesses or to a business entity that has just started its operations.

Organized and Accurate Customer Correspondence customers

Small businesses can directly benefit from CRM as it will organize files efficiently that concern customer history, including profiles and past interactions. You can lessen workloads of employees which can make them more productive.

CRM can also ensure that when corresponding with customers, the correct communication reaches its purposeful recipient. It can create doubt and negative impact on customers when erroneous messages are sent to them by a business entity. Customer trust may be impaired in such a scenario, and it can be difficult to repair.

Builds Loyalty through Intensified Customer Support

Customers will undoubtedly feel important when your interactions with them are on a personal level. You will not be hard up to gain their trust, which will soon make them loyal customers. With CRM, potential customers can turn to active clients in due time when trust is built.

It is understandable that new enterprises will have challenges in their pursuit of loyal customers. CRM is a marketing strategy that will aid you to track down customers and keep you reminded of activities which can help you to promptly reach out to customers on schedule.

Provides Analytical and Operational Tools

When transactions with customers are organized, you can draw leads to other business prospects. Analyzing customer orientation and preferences can be possible when you have the available data for comparison and differentiation of your varied customers. As a marketing tool, CRM allows inter-departmental collaboration. It is indeed easier to draw a conclusion from a complete data covering customer interactions and transactions and come up with a comprehensive but individualistic approach in convincing prospective clients.

customer profilesAutomated and Effective Lead Generation

When repetitive tasks are programmed into your CRM software, these tasks may no longer need an employee to send customer reports and other stuff. CRM can also be integrated with other programs such as accounting, data processing, and project management, among others which is crucial in your decision-making.

With CRM, you can identify leads, and therefore, you can strategize to turn these leads to actual clients which ultimately will lead to increased sales and profit. There and then, you will realize the value of CRM to your small but growing business.


Various Ways To Have Email Security

Its a critical thing to understand that there are a lot of con artists that take advantage of the vulnerability of other business owners especially online marketers. Everyone well knows that email communication is being used for marketing business, scammers and hackers are always on the lookout for ways to obtain access to vital information of companies. Here is an article that is mainly about how you can ensure security as far as e-mail marketing is concerned:

How to have email security

Do not use one account.

domainHaving a few e-mail accounts is an effective way of ensuring your e-mail security. Having three is better. One for your personal contacts, another for work-related e-mails, and the third one for subscriptions to ads and newsletters. These separate e-mail accounts will help you separate the vital e-mails from the not so important ones. You can also have a backup e-mail once your other e-mail accounts have been spammed.

Do not forget to log out of your account.

For you to start working, you need to make a comcast email login. However, confirming that you have completely logged out from your e-mail accounts is the most crucial step. More so, leaving you email account open in a public user computer is suicidal. Even the IT amateurs will be able to see your emails. Just double-check everything. You can’t completely blame the next user if he is tempted to browse your e-mail account. It is negligence on your part that caused this. Do not check the remember me box on the public computers.

Delete cache, history, and passwords.

It is a good habit to deleting the cache, history, and passwords as they are a good way of protecting your e-mail when using public computers. It is easy and fast. Just open the Internet options of the Internet Explorer browser. If you are using Mozilla, then go to tool and click on clear private data.

Don’t send sensitive information through e-mail

It is widely known that hackers are brilliant people. It is up to you to make sure you do not become a victim. It is very easy for hackers to get valuable information. So it is really important that don’t use your e-mail to send out very confidential information, may it be personal or business matters.

Do not use obvious passwords.

network illustration It is not wise to use birthdays and your names and your family’s as your comcast email password just because it will be easier for you to recall them. It wouldn’t be hard for hackers to guess what your password is especially if they know a lot of things about you. Better use passwords that are difficult to guess and track. Afraid that you might not remember them? Jot it down in a notebook and be sure to keep it in a safe place.