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What is reverse geocoding API

Two decades ago, reading maps could be considered as a skill. Especially so when you are handed a map that provides only the information for the longitude and latitude of a certain location. Only a handful of people is able to read and interpret longitude and latitude coordinates. With the introduction of mapping technologies, developers were able to create a machine translation or “coding” if you will, to translate the address or location on the map into its geographical coordinates. There is also a software that has an API for zipcode lookup features.

This process is known as Geocoding. With the advent of this technology, people who regularly use coordinates such as land surveyors and the military will be able to accurately pinpoint a location found on the map. On the other hand, reverse geocoding will help practically everyone by making it easier to read map coordinates, especially with the help of technology through the reverse geocoding API. To understand what is a reverse geocoding API we have to understand that meaning of these two when taken individually.

What Is Reverse Geolocation?

woman on laptopReverse geolocation is much like geolocation but in reverse. Specifically, where the location on the map is given in its coordinates form, and it is translated into a publicly known address or a human readable address. Reverse geolocation helps regular people to easily understand the location by translating it to something that everyone is familiar with, and that is the address.

What is an API?

API’s or Application Program Interface are sets of protocols or tools that are used in building a software application. The interaction of software components is directed by the API. These prepared sets of protocols are made with specific functionalities that form part of a whole. The API is more like a gear that is part of a bigger system which is the software application.

What is Reverse Geolocation API?

With the knowledge on the definition of the two, namely reverse geolocation and API, we could, therefore, define Reverse Geolocation API as a set of protocols or tools which are used to translate or convert the coordinates of locations to a human readable form, and that is the address. There are several reverse geolocation API available online, one of the most popularly used is the Google Maps Geocoding API.

mailboxThis API could be used as geocoding and reverse geocoding API. However, this does not function in determining or converting coordinates to addresses in real-time. Rather, the API relies on static addresses, where static refers to the addresses to having been already incorporated in their database in advance. Thus you run the risk of providing old or obsolete location data. There are however other API’s that provides for real-time location data. However, access to that may require permission because of several privacy issues that must be dealt with.


Various Ways To Have Email Security

Its a critical thing to understand that there are a lot of con artists that take advantage of the vulnerability of other business owners especially online marketers. Everyone well knows that email communication is being used for marketing business, scammers and hackers are always on the lookout for ways to obtain access to vital information of companies. Here is an article that is mainly about how you can ensure security as far as e-mail marketing is concerned:

How to have email security

Do not use one account.

domainHaving a few e-mail accounts is an effective way of ensuring your e-mail security. Having three is better. One for your personal contacts, another for work-related e-mails, and the third one for subscriptions to ads and newsletters. These separate e-mail accounts will help you separate the vital e-mails from the not so important ones. You can also have a backup e-mail once your other e-mail accounts have been spammed.

Do not forget to log out of your account.

For you to start working, you need to make a comcast email login. However, confirming that you have completely logged out from your e-mail accounts is the most crucial step. More so, leaving you email account open in a public user computer is suicidal. Even the IT amateurs will be able to see your emails. Just double-check everything. You can’t completely blame the next user if he is tempted to browse your e-mail account. It is negligence on your part that caused this. Do not check the remember me box on the public computers.

Delete cache, history, and passwords.

It is a good habit to deleting the cache, history, and passwords as they are a good way of protecting your e-mail when using public computers. It is easy and fast. Just open the Internet options of the Internet Explorer browser. If you are using Mozilla, then go to tool and click on clear private data.

Don’t send sensitive information through e-mail

It is widely known that hackers are brilliant people. It is up to you to make sure you do not become a victim. It is very easy for hackers to get valuable information. So it is really important that don’t use your e-mail to send out very confidential information, may it be personal or business matters.

Do not use obvious passwords.

network illustration It is not wise to use birthdays and your names and your family’s as your comcast email password just because it will be easier for you to recall them. It wouldn’t be hard for hackers to guess what your password is especially if they know a lot of things about you. Better use passwords that are difficult to guess and track. Afraid that you might not remember them? Jot it down in a notebook and be sure to keep it in a safe place.