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How to Get the Best Recruitment Management System for Your Business

Digitalization and automation are the two characteristics of modern business. You may think that only the manufacturing division feels the direct impact of such technological development, but the truth is that even the HR (Human Resources) department can’t escape it. Recruiting new employees surely requires a great deal of person-to-person interaction, but automation on the end-to-end recruitment, job orders, and placement can speed up the whole process more than 50% than if it was all done manually. 


The System Must Reflect Your Company

When it comes to ready-to-use systems, customizability is often an issue. It is better to utilize a software that costs extra, but it has the desired customizability. Therefore, if there is a trial period offered by the system provider, take it. You should test how the system runs in the real world and see if it can be configured to match your company’s style. 

Evaluate the Contracts with the System’s Vendor

You want a recruitment system that works in the long run. Hence, you should take a look carefully at how the vendor offers its services. For instance, ask questions such as these:

  1. What kind of compensation if a malfunction happens and your company can’t operate for a whole day or even several days?
  2. Does the vendor have any clients that share the same business expertise as yours? If they do, what are their testimonies?
  3. Does maintaining a long-time partnership grant you access to exclusive benefits?

Try to answer them objectively before you invest in a recruitment system. 

Choose a System with Optimal Mobility

mobile monitoringWhen the HR works are tied to the desk, the whole management process won’t be as efficient as if it were accessible via mobile gadgets, such as smartphones or tablets.

Even though the system may not offer full features when it is on mobile mode, at least it can allow you to access the applicant tracking system and edit the data there. Review notes, placement, and performance stats are also supposed to be on the mobile version. 

Seamless Compatibility Is a Must

HR’s data must be accessible to other departments. But not all recruitment systems can be compatible with the rest. An ideal recruitment system must be simple enough to operate and integrate with others so that the chances of errors can be minimized as much as possible. The main subjects here are the candidates, managers, and recruiters. If there is any feedback from them, you should take it seriously. 

Ensure That the Analytics Functionalities Are Sufficient

company statsWhat makes an automated system different from manual methods is their capacity to analyze and organize given orders with maximum time efficiency and accuracy.

You have to evaluate if the system can provide you with essential recruitment data like time to hire/time to fill, sourcing effectiveness, depth of the candidates’ talent, and their portfolios.